Usage for corrugated tape

Corrugated tape application - Wellpack Clean Cut

Easy opening

Retail ready packaging with a Wellpack Clean Cut

Tear corrugated tape has been used for many years, and there is still a strong demand for the easy and safe opening feature.
With the Wellpack Taper , you are able to attach the Wellpack Clean Opening System for shelf ready boxes (RRP).

Corrugated tape application - Closure tape

Closure tape

Effective sealing

A fairly new tape product for in-line application is the double-sided tape for sealing boxes. This is done with the standard Wellpack Taper adding an upgrade kit to prevent liner lifting and ensure high quality application. We are able to apply different widths and with different materials. 

Corrugated tape application - Reinforcement tape

Reinforcement tape

Sound reinforcement

The reinforcement feature is often needed in many box solutions for handles or similar. With our method of applying pressure sensitive tape you can ensure an easy, efficient and safe process. It is done with high accuracy, at normal production performance and during safe and clean working conditions.