The Wellpack Taper System

Wellpack have over 22 years of experience manufacturing tape applicators. We only focus on one thing: To continue to produce the best machine for tape application.

The Wellpack Taper is user friendly, easy to understand and with a very short set-up time and proven reliability

Wellpack are corrugated people who make the best tape applicator for corrugated people and remove all of the historical

High order change speeds mean that the introduction of tape can be applied automatically without interfering with your normal order change

Setting of the applicator is done during the machine running time so there is no loss time at order change

There is no additional waste generated at order change when going from a normal corrugated order to a tape order.

The Wellpack Taper can be supplied with seven tandem heads. This facility can give you an opportunity to run up to seven outs with automatic splicing when a reel runs out of material. Alternatively you could apply tape for up to a fourteen out application should the need ever arise.

We are proud to say that we have an excellent web following system. This is another example of how Wellpack has worked with a major supplier. The E & L web guidance systems for the taper has been developed on the Wellpack Machine during the last 22 years. During this time both companies have gained a wealth of experience in web following. We have experienced many different types of orders requiring many subtle changes from a normal job. The web guidance system compensates for these subtle changes by having an offset control on the stacker that allows the operators to make a quick and efficient adjustment when needed.

The Wellpack Clean-Cut System is unique to the taper. The clean cut system is an extremely accurate dual knife that when applied cuts a shallow indent into the outer liner. This shallow cut when a tear tape is applied gives an extremely clean tear creating a fast opening system that has many applications especially with the ever increasing demands by retailers for Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) Test carried out by our customers have proved that the deprecation with BCT is minimal. The system is easy to set and simple adjustments can be made for different board grades. Due to the dual knife system the risk of error from planning to conversion is eliminated. The cut will always be on the correct side of the blank irrespective of which way the board is feed into the conversion machine. The mounting of the clean-cut system is on the same platform as the applicator which guarantees the positioning of the knives and tapes.

The Wellpack Taper is modular built. This allows the customer to evolve his machine as the demands for tape application grows. Additional heads, the clean-cut system can be added at a later date with little or in some cases no interruption to production

Installation of the tape applicator is normally done during a weekend period which eliminates any down time. Calibration work run through the machine on the day of calibration takes less than 10 minutes which reduces the impact on the corrugator schedule.

We have many examples of customers who have seen their ROI within 1 year. Running the Wellpack Taper tape not only adds value to your box making but helps to increase your profit.

Wellpack Taper System
Wellpack Taper System