The Wellpack Taper System

The Wellpack Taper is the most well trusted in-line tape application solution in the corrugated industry. By investing in a convenient turn-key installation you will experience an immediate increase in production efficiency. You can also expect a quick return on the invested capital.

Wellpack have over 30 years of experience manufacturing tape applicators.

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Wellpack Unroll Stand

The Unroll Stand – An inexpensive solution for starting your tape business.


  • Easy to install
  • Start at low corrugator speed
  • Manual stop
  • Manual tape cut-off
  • Manual adjusted reel brake
  • Applies different tape widths


  • Using existing web table
  • Supporting beam across the web
  • Walkway


  • Liner-lifting preventing system for double-sided tapes



Tape and accessories

Self-adhesive tape solutions by Tesa, for all steps of the corrugated board production process.

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Tesa Corrugator Folder


Upgrades and Service

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