About Wellpack Taper

Today is not simply about brown boxes or tear tape

Now we have to offer our customers boxes with value-adding features in order to solve their needs. Here we can give you the tools that enable you to offer your customers something unique.

During the last 30 years the Wellpack Taper System has been very well received in the European market. While we have increased the general efficiency and performance of the system, we are especially pleased with the recently introduced innovations. Now it is possible to apply various kinds of feature tapes.

The main benefits of these multiple applications are, for instance, easy opening, effective sealing and sound reinforcement. There is also our range of applying equipment, from the very simple Unroll Stand to the Wellpack Taper.

The Wellpack Taper is the most well trusted in-line tape application solution in the corrugated industry. By investing in a convenient turn-key installation you will experience an immediate increase in production efficiency.

Efficient and intelligent way of applying tapes

With the Wellpack taper there is an efficient and intelligent way of applying tapes in the corrugators dry end. The Wellpack Taper, a world leader in tape application on corrugated board, was originally constructed by engineers from the corrugated industry to take away all the hassles associated with tape production and to bring economy into this value added process for corrugated boxes.

”The challenge was to add a technical solution to the corrugator machine without slowing down the speed of the process.”

It worked so well that Wellpack received a world patent and today has sold more than 220 machines. Working together with the leading tape supplier, Wellpack has improved the taper over the years. The new generation Wellpack Taper handles many different kinds of tape between 4-25 mm in width, including tear tape, double sided tape, and reinforcement tape.


The machine is installed between the rotary shear and the slitter/scorer and is used to apply pressure sensitive tapes. Application of pressure sensitive tapes at this location gives production the advantage of exact tape positioning throughout the order in relation to the slitter scorer position. Machine installation is done during a weekend and, after a calibration day, tape production can start.

The applicators are easily positioned manually using digital counters. At the beginning of an order tape application starts and the correct position relative to the web is controlled and adjusted by the web guiding system from E+L.

Since the Wellpack Taper works with a tandem applicator system, starts and splices are accomplished at full production speed. At the end of the order the tape is cut and kept by the tape catcher. This allows the operator to prepare for the next order within minutes.

Another advantage with the tandem system is that while all rolls are running on one side the other side can be prepared for the next order. Thus, back-to-back orders are possible without slowing down or stopping the corrugator for tape orders.

The Wellpack Taper is often equipped with the Wellpack Clean Opening system. This is a knife system located underneath the applicators that creates a shallow cut in the outer liner. The precision of the cut depth is critical, but handled easily with a micrometer knife adjustment. Tests show that with the Wellpack Clean Opening system BCT value is affected only by 4 to 7 percent. As a result, this feature has become popular for the production of shelf-ready boxes.

After installation of a Wellpack Taper production personnel start to think of tape orders in a positive way because the machine doesn’t limit the performance of the corrugator.

It starts at speeds up to more than 300 m/min and automatically follows the web movements. It also stops with out any tape jams or paper loss. Short orders, long orders, or back-to-back – it doesn’t matter, the Wellpack Taper can handle it.

Wellpack Clean Opening system

With the Wellpack Clean Opening system shelf-ready boxes are produced with a minimum of cost since only one 6mm tape is needed. Using this method the plant can reduce the grammage of the board and save money.

The Wellpack Taper can be modified to fit in any corrugator, and with modular built systems a plant can start with a simple system and upgrade as the business grows.

By doing all tape jobs at the dry end of the corrugator the plant increases efficiency with less waste, while maintaining full production speed and complete control of the tape tension and tape position.

To be competitive in a tough market box producers have to be able to provide their customers with value added boxes such as:

Tear tape opening to avoid knife damage to the contents

Clean cut opening for shelf-ready boxes

Practical sealing with double sided finger lift tape

Reinforcement tape for hand holes and strengthening of the box

All this gives more freedom for design personnel to create new ideas and to improve and develop the next generation of corrugated boxes. New ideas and new designs can open new doors for sales.

The Wellpack Taper is achieving a wider international success and has recently been installed in countries outside Europe.

Several different companies, which already are working with selling machinery to the corrugated industry, handle sales all over the world. Wellpack and the tape suppliers working together make a very strong team when it comes to sharing the knowledge and trends of how to apply tape and make money out of it by production efficiency and value added products.